About Menopause Online

Hi, I’m Karen, I live in the North East of the UK. I hope this page will tell you a little about menopauseonline, about me, and help you see who I am, what my values are and how I can help you.

My Menopause Experience

I struggled when going through my own menopause to find enough common sense information. Not to mention lifestyle help and general support information that was lacking! Finding help with the decisions I knew I needed to make proved difficult. I wanted to manage this transition time of my life in the best and most natural way that I could. It was almost impossible to locate the people and the information I needed for support. Menstruation stopped for me after an endrometrial ablation in my mid 40’s. By having it earlier I would have got my life back, but I was cowardly! My decision was based on inaccurate and misguided information. So a change in my menstrual cycle wasn’t an indicator of being in the peri-menopause stage for me. However leading up to age 50, I began experiencing minor aches and pains, changes in my skin and night sweats. Other symptoms also reared their heads! A blood test proved inconclusive, but with hindsight, it was clear that I was in peri-menopause. I also found out how little medical help there was to be had at that time. Mostly I was just given medication for the physical symptoms I presented with. There was no discussion about emotional expectations during the ‘change’ or about my general wellbeing.

Taking Control

I strongly feel that we have to take control ourselves. Unfortunately, there isn’t a full, robust and rounded service from the medical professions. This is most likely due to the constraints on their time and their funding streams. My own way of taking control was to research, research, and research some more. I began to delve deeper into what I could do to help myself. This life stage is a unique experience for each one of us. This is why full information can sometimes be lacking. We’re not a one-size-fits-all. I tried out different solutions, treatments, and remedies on a regular basis. Some of them worked, a lot of them didn’t. Mostly though, I didn’t seem to have anyone I could talk to about menopause issues that truly understood. This brought home to me how much we keep a lot of what we’re experiencing to ourselves. We can miss out on clarification about the broader spectrum of problems and symptoms felt by women, if we only reach out.

Medical Help

GP’s find it difficult to deal with our symptoms, confusion and embarrassment in a ten-minute appointment. This is, of course, a problem in the appointment system. I’m just sad to think of all the women who would have benefited from some sound and robust discussions with qualified professionals. This doesn’t have to always be a GP. I know I may have coped better over the years and become a little more resilient and positive with some active help. Perhaps you feel that way too.

About You

How do you feel about this time in your life? Is your mindset positive? What are you doing to help yourself? Do you have a clue where to start? Have you got a Menopause Action Plan? I can help! Resources and information are available! You can make informed and confident choices about how you deal with your peri-menopause and menopause. Let me help you! I’ve been where you are now, and you may even be walking in my exact footsteps. So although I’m ahead of you in terms of age, I’m happy to show you the way forward, and how not to waste your valuable time. I’ve done the researchregularl (I enjoy doing this – sad I know) so you don’t have to. Mainstream mumbo-jumbo and jargon is put to one side as we look at real facts and review current trends. This website will have new content added regularly. Frequent blogs that set out medical opinions and views on topical developments in the world of menopause will appear regularly. The best of the best information is heading your way!

How Can I Help?

Piecing together a lot of information for myself, I realised that what I’d discovered could benefit and be inspirational to other women. And that’s how the idea for this website came about. I looked for the best way to reach out to women who I knew needed help. Though I am not medically trained, I hope I can show I’ve been blessed with a lot of common sense. What I’ve discovered may help you to cope with your symptoms. You’ll become more self-aware about help available before, during and after menopause. Of course you’ll come across other websites giving menopause content, but I want you to remember me as the giver of the highest quality information and facts that you need and want. After the trials and tribulations that I went through, I’m really looking forward to helping you to come out the other side with a smile on your face. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover in future blog posts or questions that you need answers to, then please get in touch Wishing you good health and happiness during these important years of your life. I hope you’ll visit Facebook https://www.facebook.com/menopauseonline/ or Twitter https://twitter.com/menopauseonline for snippets of information and the occasional cute puppy/kitten/baby. I guest blog on relevant websites and write on a freelance basis – please contact me if I can write for you on any menopause or midlife issue. (Updated October 2018) Contact >